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      Abstract submission and Format Description:               


      The abstract of the paper shall be submitted on the official website of the conference before 15:00 on May 11, 2020. The abstracts are accepted by the academic committee and each branch, and electronic abstracts are produced;


      The amount of information in the abstract shall be detailed and complete, and the abstract shall include: main information of materials and research technology used, main results obtained, main conclusions obtained, etc;


      The summary content cannot include figures, tables, formulas, etc;


       If you are not a foreign guest, please submit a summary in Chinese, which will be used for this meeting and will not conflict with the English full text delivered later.


      Publication of papers    


       Any paper whose content conforms to the subject scope and which is not published in official journals or other conferences at home and abroad can be delivered in full in English;


      The conference papers arranged and published by the branch will be specifically reviewed and published by the branch venue. Other journals recommended by each branch can go to the branch forum to check the specific information. If there is no specific information, the conference will arrange and publish them uniformly;


       The service object of paper publishing is the representatives who have paid the registration fee;


      After the paper is accepted, the paper layout fee shall be paid;


      After the review of the conference, the papers meeting the requirements will be recommended to the following publications:


      ☆ 《Materials Science Forum》 (format)

      The period from full text submission to employment is about 5-6 months, and to online is about 7 months.