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      "Chinese Materials Conference" is the most important series of conferences of Chinese Materials Research Society, which is held once a year. The purpose of the conference is to build a communication platform for experts, scholars, professors, scientists and technologists engaged in the scientific research, relevant management departments and leaders of the government, entrepreneurs and other relevant personnel, to exchange and share the latest achievements of materials research and in the end, to reach the purpose of mutual promotion and common improvement, and to improve the status and role of new materials in Chinese national economic and social development. 


      "China Materials Conference "  is sponsored and hosted by China Materials Research Society. There are 41 sub venues and 1 material forum in the conference, and the content of articles solicited covers energy materials, environmental materials, advanced structural materials, functional materials, basic research of materials and other material fields. In addition, material education forum and material analysis and testing technology exhibition were held at the same time.


      Meeting time

      July 9-11, 2021

      Meeting place

      Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center


      Sponsor unit

      Chinese Materials Research Society

      Supporting unit

      National Development and Reform Commission
      Ministry of science and technology
      Ministry of industry and information technology
      Chinese Academy of Engineering
      Chinese Academy of Sciences
      National Natural Fund Committee


      Shanghai Lionsking Exhibition Co., Ltd.

      Co Organizer

      Chongqing Lenver Exhibition Co., Ltd.