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      Contacts :劉恒 先生

      Fax : +86 21 6427 1916

      Phone : +86 13601716108

      Email : 545603833@qq.com

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      Key areas of material research

      Energy and environmental materials

      Function and electronic materials

      Non metallic materials

      High performance structural materials

      Low dimensional materials

      Health and biomaterials


      Invite people from the following industries to visit the exhibition

      1、Scientists and experts in material research
      2、Professors, doctoral students and postgraduates of material Colleges
      3、Scientific research and quality management personnel of relevant research institutes and research institutes
      4、Laboratory principal and technical personnel
      5、Scientific research personnel of application enterprises
      6、System integrator
      7、Industry association and government personnel
      8、Industrial media organizations
      9、Investment and financing institutions


      Audience mainly from

      China, Japan, the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan etc.