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      Contacts :劉恒 先生

      Fax : +86 21 6427 1916

      Phone : +86 13601716108

      Email : 545603833@qq.com

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      Having an insight into global market,garthing industry information, leading the new direction of material research in China.

      Ciamate International Expo on Material Analysis, Laboratory Equipment and Quality Control has been held since 2008 together with C-MRS China Material Congress.From more than 20 exhibitors to 220 + exhibitors in 2019, it has become the largest exhibition of materials science and technology in China, and also an annual procurement platform for registered representatives of C-MRS conferences.

      The number of exhibitors in Ciamite 2021 is expected to exceed 350, with an exhibition area of more than 15,000 square meters.


      Follow the trend and market demand, building a material analysis laboratory equipment ecosystem 


      New materials is one of the seven strategic emerging industries in China. After years of efforts, Chinese new materials industry has made considerable progress in its development, the level of industrial technology has been increasing, the scale of the industry has been expanding, the new materials industry system with independent innovation ability is forming, and some fields have been at the advanced level in the world. With the introduction and implementation of the policy of "The Belt and Road Initiative" and "Made in China 2025", there will be new dawn and rare opportunities for the development of the new material industry. It is estimated that the total value of Chinese new material industry will exceed 6 trillion yuan by 2021.

      Focus on the target audience and strengthen the industry business matching


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      Scientific research institutes

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      New material enterprise

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      Exhibition advantages

      ?Conference benchmark of domestic new material industry, garthing 10000 industry elites

      ?Having experience of holding "Chinese Materials Conference" successfully for more than 10 years

      ?Over 150 stable domestic and foreign exhibitors

      ?Accumulated new material industry database in the past 10 years ensures the profit of participation and participation

      ?Providing more than 20 professional industry university research reports

      ?Good brand effect, best way of equipment technology and market dynamics

      ?Building a relationship with the government