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      Physical property test

      Analysis instrument

      Measuring and measuring instruments

      ●Particle size / particle / powder analyzer
      ●Thermal analysis instrument
      ●Rheometer / viscometer
      ●Testing machine
      ●Table interface physical property test
      ●Environmental test chamber
      ●NDT / NDT instrument
      ●Thickness gauge
      ●Combustion tester
      ●Classification of magnetic measuring instruments
      ●Classification of other physical property testing instruments

      ●Chromatographic consumables accessories
      ●Mass spectrometer
      ●Mass spectrum consumables accessories
      ●Electrochemical instrument
      ●Spectroscopic instrument
      ●Spectrum consumables accessories
      ●X-ray apparatus
      ●Element analyzer
      ●Moisture meter
      ●Other general analytical instruments

      ●Balance / scale

      ●Temperature measuring instrument

      ●Length measuring instrument

      ●Surface measuring instrument

      ●Electrical measuring instrument

      ●Pressure measuring instrument

      ●Flow meter

      ●Classification of other measuring / measuring instruments




      Optical instrument

      Industry specific instruments / meters

      3D printing related

      ●Electron microscope

      ●Optical microscope

      ●Optical measuring instrument

      ●Optical experimental equipment

      ●Optical imaging equipment

      ●Special semiconductor testing equipment

      ●Atomic layer deposition system (ALD)

      ●Laser pulse deposition (PLD)

      ●Hall effect

      ●Probe stage

      ●Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)

      ●Four probe tester

      ●Quantum efficiency test system

      ●IV tester

      ●Sunlight simulator

      ●Physical vapor deposition (PVD)

      ●Fast annealing furnace

      ●Electrostatic silk imitator

      ●Extruder / injection molding machine

      ●3D printer

      ●3D printing materials / consumables

      ●3D scanner

      ●3D printing service




      Common laboratory equipment

      Laboratory reagents / standards / materials

      Laboratory technology, outsourcing services

      ●Cleaning / disinfection equipment

      ●Sample preparation / digestion equipment

      ●Separation / extraction equipment

      ●Purification equipment

      ●Mixing / dispersing equipment

      ●Constant temperature / heating / drying equipment

      ●Crushing equipment

      ●Synthesis / reaction equipment


      ●Liquid handling equipment

      ●Gas generator / gas treatment

      ●Liquid handling equipment

      ●Laboratory furniture

      ●Other common laboratory equipment

      ●Experimental metal materials

      ●Non gold materials for experiment

      ●Ceramic products



      ●Experimental equipment

      ●Paper products

      ●Rubber products


      ●Other laboratory consumables

      ●Laboratory planning and design

      ●Laboratory construction

      ●Laboratory relocation services

      ●Technical consultation and services

      ●Data processing

      ●Instrument leasing

      ●LIMS, software

      ●Product training

      ●Reliability test

      ●Professional installation and commissioning

      ●Equipment repair and maintenance

      ●Authentication calibration

      ●Other services


      Industry service

      Lab Consumable

      New materials

      ●Third party labs / platforms

      ●Professional academic journals

      ●Industry Association, chamber of Commerce, alliance

      ●Industry websites, periodicals, new media

      ●Paper embellishment, publishing and other services

      ●Investment and financing institutions


      ●Experimental metal materials

      ●Non gold materials for experiment

      ●Ceramic products



      ●Experimental equipment

      ●Paper products

      ●Rubber products


      ●Other laboratory consumables

      ●Inorganic nonmetal and composite materials

      ●Advanced metal materials

      ●New energy materials

      ●New chemical / polymer materials

      ●Nanometer material

      ●Energy saving materials and technologies

      ●New rare earth materials

      ●New materials of electronic information

      ●Materials for ecological environment

      ●Other new materials




      Scientific research institution

      None of the above, others



      ●Materials Laboratory

      ●Materials Research Institute

      ●Material testing